Student of electrical engineering? We want your opinion!

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Student of electrical engineering? We want your opinion!

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Dear Students in the major „electrical engineering“ at the TU Dresden!

We are currently looking for participants for an interview in the context of a research study.

In the interview we will ask you about your experiences with your major and the requirements of the course at TU Dresden. The interview will take approximately 2 hours and you will be rewarded with 14€.

You can sign up for participation till the end of 2016.

Goal of this research study is to create a profile of your current degree, so that future students will be provided with a realistic picture of what to expect when they enroll in the major „electrical engineering“ at TU Dresden.

The study is embedded in the „Academic Success Concept“ of TUD: ... anguage=en .

If we raised your interest or you know someone who might be interested we will happily receive your email to either:


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or seek additional information on the study.
You can also find our study flyer with the important information attached – feel free to forward it!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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